"The primary purpose of this Club shall be to develop, promote and administer both a recreational and a competitive soccer program among all boys and girls from ages four through nineteen primarily in the communities of Paradise, Magalia, and Stirling City, without regard to their race, creed, gender, or ability."

Recreational Program

The club offers boys and girls ages 4-19 the opportunity to play recreational soccer. All our programs are affiliated with CalNorth (previously CYSA North), a member of US Youth Soccer, the largest youth soccer organization in the United States. The programs are divided by age division and gender. Below is a table of the various recreational programs we offer:


  • Under 6: The Under 6 program is a small-sided co-educational program where the laws of the game are modified to make the game more fun and to keep the game flowing. Coaches are allowed on the field and encouraged to help the players with various aspects of the game. Referees are optional and are there primarily to guide the players.
    • Game time: Two twenty-minute halves
    • Ball size: 3
    • Number of players: 5 on the field
    • Goalkeepers: No goalies
    • Fouls: All fouls are indirect.
  • Under 8: The Under 8 program is also small-sided, but at this age, the players are divided into male and female teams for the first time, goalkeepers are introduced, and coaches are not allowed on the field.
    • Game time: Two twenty-minute halves
    • Ball size: 3
    • Number of players: 7 on the field
    • Goalkeepers: Yes
    • Fouls: All fouls are indirect.
  • Under 10: The Under 10 program is still small-sided and more closely resembles full-sided soccer, although the fouls are still indirect and the offside rule is not enforced. Slide tackling first appears in some players at this age, but is NOT allowed.
    • Game time: Two twenty-five minute halves
    • Ball size: 4
    • Number of players: 9 on the field
    • Fouls: indirect; no penalties. No offside

Butte Playing League - The Butte Playing League is an intra-league playing league for Under 12 boys and girls. Games are played home and away with Oroville Youth Soccer Club. All FIFA Laws of the Game are applied, except that slide tackling is still NOT permitted, even if the challenge is otherwise legal.

  • Game time: Two thirty-minute halves
  • Ball size: 4
  • Number of players: 11 on the field
  • Fouls: Per FIFA, including penalties.

Community Playing League - As a result of the club's affiliation with CalNorth, we are able to enter recreational teams in the District VI Community Playing League. The league is technically for Under 16 and Under 19 teams, but many of the Under 16 teams are very young and fully appropriate for Under 14 aged players. Additionally, the District coordinators work very hard to group both the younger and geographically close teams in the same brackets.

Games are home and away, with some games played in the Sacramento area.