"The primary purpose of this Club shall be to develop, promote and administer both a recreational and a competitive soccer program among all boys and girls from ages four through nineteen primarily in the communities of Paradise, Magalia, and Stirling City, without regard to their race, creed, gender, or ability."

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we will attempt to answer some of the most common questions we get asked. If your question isn't here, please e-mail us and we'll get the answer and post it here. For simplicity purposes, all references are masculine unless a distinction between genders is necessary for clarification.

Age Limits:

How old does my child have to be to play soccer?

Our youngest age division is "Under 7", so if your child is five years old by October 31th of this year, he/she can play in this seasonal year. Our rules permit players to play "up" one division, but each request must be made in writing and is subject to Board approval. This rule would allow a 4-year old to play if he/she turns 5 during the seasonal year.

What is the cutoff for each age division?

December 31st. By way of example, a child playing in the Under 8 age division must not turn 8 on or before December 31 of that seasonal year. The "equation" is last two digits of the playing season minus birth year equals playing age. So, this seasonal year is 2017-18; if your child is born in 2010, it would be "18-09=(U9)". We do not have enough players to play single-year age divisions, so if your child is born in 2010, they would be "Under 8", but play in the next highest age division, or Under 9. Players are NOT permitted to play "down" for legal reasons.

What are the youngest and oldest age divisions?

Our program begins with Under 7 play (4-6 year olds) all the way through Under 19 play.

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Who takes pictures for the club?

The photography contract comes up for renewal every three years. Currently, Mark Thau Photography has the contract and is the only authorized photographer for the club.

When are pictures and can I "request" a specific picture date?

Pictures are scheduled by our Team Parent Coordinator and with the club photographer based on a number of criteria. Pictures are typically scheduled on the first week of the season with an additional makeup date for individual pictures, but in no event can we honor "requests" for picture dates.

Can I have someone else take my child's picture?

Yes, but all teams must use the designated club photographer. You are not required to purchase anything from the club photographer.

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Practices and Games:

Where and when will my child practice?

Times and locations of practices will vary based on who you child's coach is. Most coaches practice two evenings a week for less than two hours per practice. Field space is very tight, so coaches often practice wherever they can squeeze in and it's not uncommon in the first weeks of the season for several coaches to be in one place at the same time.

Where and when will my child play their games?

Games are mostly played on Saturdays from August to October, with possible mid-week games scheduled before Labor Day and before Johnny Appleseed Days. We do this to shorten the season and avoid bad weather, if possible. We have also heard that parents enjoy having a couple of weekends "off". Under 7 games are played at Paradise Elementary School, while Under 9 through under 13 games are played at Paradise Intermediate School.

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What is the "seasonal year"?

PRYSC is primarily a fall soccer program. The practice season begins on August 1st, with the jamboree held the third week in August. The regular season begins the Saturday before Labor Day and typically runs until the first Saturday in November.

When is registration and how much does it cost?

Registration usually takes place in late April/early May. The Board approves a budget by the February meeting and that budget determines the cost per child for the coming year.

What do I get?

Each player is registered with the California Youth Soccer Association (Cal North), a member of United States Youth Soccer, the largest sanctioned youth soccer program in the United States. In addition, they receive shorts, a jersey (not a t-shirt), and socks. Your registration dollars also go for equipment, field rental and maintenance, and referees. If you have more questions as to how the registration money is spent, please click on the Budget link under the "Members" menu bar above.

Do you have a program for Special Needs children?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. CYSA has a program known as TOP Soccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer), but we don't have a program in Butte County. Click here for a presentation on starting a TOP Soccer league and please contact us directly if you have a heart for this kind of program. The PRYSC Board and the BYSL (league) Board will throw our full support behind any effort to start a program in Butte County.

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May I request a specific coach?

No. Our club is dedicated to recreational youth soccer and we therefore select teams based on a random draw in the Under 7 through Under 11 age divisions, balancing teams only based on years of playing experience. Board members with children in particular divisions do not participate in the selection process. The Under 13/16/19 teams remain together from year to year whenever possible to encourage greater team development and skill improvement and to maintain competitive balance with teams from Chico and Oroville.

May I request that my child play with his "best friend"?

No. We could not possibly keep track of all those requests, so they are denied as a matter of course. Part of a recreational youth program is to meet new kids and make new friends. Your child is almost guaranteed to know several players on his team anyway.

Do you honor any requests?

Yes, siblings are allowed to play with one another and children of coaches are naturally paired together (maximum of two coach/child selections per team). Sponsors may request to sponsor a certain child. Other hardship requests must be submitted in writing at registration, require attendance at the June or July Board meeting, and are subject to Board approval.

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Who funds the program?

The club is 100% self-sufficient, operating within an annual budget that covers registration, uniforms, field usage and maintenance, and administrative overhead.

Where does our registration fee go?

You can examine our annual budget by clicking the link in the navigation bar above, but roughly $10 from each child goes toward administrative expenses and "overhead". We currently spend nearly $50 per child on registration with Cal North ($25) and uniforms ($25) and another $35 on coaches education, field usage and maintenance, and referees. Our aim is to charge no more than it costs to run the program.

If you spend $85 per child on those things and another $10 per child on administration, who makes up the shortfall?

Sponsors are our primary source of secondary revenue and it is their contributions that help keep registration costs as low as possible.

Is there a buyout or a mandatory fundraising program?

Currently, no. As we get closer to developing our new field complex, we may re-institute a mandatory buyout/fundraiser with all those funds dedicated to field development.

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Who runs the program?

The Paradise Ridge Youth Soccer Club is a privately-held non-profit public benefit corporation, organized under the laws of the State of California. The club is managed by its Board of Directors, a group of 10-15 volunteers.

What about coaches and referees?

We have approximately 50-60 coaches and assistant coaches, all of whom volunteer their time to help make the program a success. Additionally, we train and solicit a pool of qualified referees to officiate the games. All coaches and board members are fingerprinted and background checked through Capital Live Scan and referees are certified and insured through US Soccer and CNRA to ensure the safety of our children.

How can I get involved?

First, come to the games and watch your child have fun. Then, consider being a team parent, assistant coach, or coach. We always need referees, too. If you are committed to the program and have a desire to see us continue to grow, please consider joining the Board of Directors. Board meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of the month, but check the home page for updates.

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Recreational vs. Competitive Soccer:

What is the difference between recreational and competitive soccer?

PRYSC's policy is to encourage the RECREATIONAL and PARTICIPATORY aspects of the game. We recognize there will always be competition in any activity in which a score is kept, however, PRYSC's first principle is that RECREATION and PARTICIPATION come first.
PRYSC strictly adheres to the CYSA policy that EVERYBODY CHILD IS GUARANTEED TO PLAY AT LEAST HALF THE GAME in recreational play. There are no tryouts and everyone who signs up, on time, makes the team. Coaches are pledged to this policy and the Board of Directors will enforce it. Most important of all, the League encourages a spirit of unpressured and congenial good sportsmanship among players, coaches and parents.

When and how can my son or daughter start playing competitively?

Cal North allows competitive (traveling) soccer for teams beginning with the Under 9 age division. If your child loves the sport and you have both the time and financial means to allow your child to play at an advanced level, please talk to a Board member about how we can assist you with that process.

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Training and Education:

I don't know anything about soccer, but I'd love to coach my son or daughter. What training do you offer?

Every year, we offer coaches a FREE Cal North"F" Clinic. This is the entry-level clinic for new coaches that focuses on basic soccer skills and how to run a recreational practice. This is a great introduction to the game and gives you many tools you need to be a successful recreational coach of the younger player.

What about when I have trouble in the middle of the season?

Any Board member or experienced coach is willing and available to partner in with you for one or more practices to give you confidence and help you work through any rough patches.

Is it fun?

You'll never have as much fun as running around and kicking a ball with your child and the other children on the team.

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